Shipping Charges & Payment Methods


For all the orders up to 2 kilos, the shipping cost is 3.50€. For each extra kilo of the order, the charge accrues at 0,80€.

As a special offer for all the citizens of Chania city, the Cretan Pharmacy offers a decreased shipping cost within the town, of 2€!

In the case of Inaccessible Destinations, there is an extra cost based on the courier company charges, at the amount of 5€. For your own convenience, this information is also displayed during the completion of the order form.

In any case, the service of cash on delivery is 1,50€.


  • In cases of orders that there is a large portion of volume/weight, we will contact you to inform you for any possible additional charges.
  • For the special shipping services of «Morning Delivery» & «Delivery on Saturday», there is an extra charge of 2,50€.



In each case, the shipping cost is calculated based initially on the destination country and the exact weight of the order. However, during the order process via our e-shop, the user is able to be informed about the exact shipping cost in each case.



The available payment methods for your order are the above:

1. Cash on Delivery

The order is shipped via courier and you pay upon receipt them. The service of cash on delivery is 1,5€.

Note: The above payment method is not is not available for the shippings in abroad


2. Credit/Prepaid Card

When you enter your card details and bank commits no charge initially the amount of your order. The charge on your credit card is in pricing to avoid problems in the process. To ensure the absolute security of electronic transactions through credit cards, these are made through the security system of Piraeus Bank which is based on international trade protection company Verisign, which supports a secure transaction environment.


3. Bank deposition / E-banking

In the case that you do not have a credit card you may easily pay your order via bank deposition or e-banking. For your better service, please insert to the corresponding deposition field, your name and the order number. The exported verification file of the transfer process should then be sent via e-mail at After the confirmation, your order will be proceeded for delivery.

You must deposit the total amount within 3 working days in one of the following bank accounts:


  • Piraeus Bank (IBAN): GR7301711720006172040030406
  • Alpha Bank (IBAN): GR4201406480648002002005300
  • Eurobank (IBAN): GR7102607460000910200565144
  • Attica Bank (IBAN): GR6101607670000000084925811

CAUTION!  In the case of bank deposition payments (either via natural bank shops or via internet-banking), the potential remittance / transportation costs must exclusively charge the customer! The same status is applied in the orders from abroad too!


The PayPal company provides payment services through third parties, belongs to eBay, governed and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Great Britain - FSA (like all British banks and financial institutions of Great Britain) and safely facilitate processing a transaction notifying the contracting parties only the data necessary for the completion of "payment". To obtain a PayPal account is free, as is the transfer of money from your PayPal account to your bank account. Also, you can send and receive money to / from anyone for free but to buy from shops Contracting with PayPal securely. If you do not have an account at PayPal, you can open for free by going to the home page

For payments via PayPal, please use the e-mail: and the corresponding purchase receipt at the same e-mail address.